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My Story: Beauty by Humna

This is about me and why I went into Business. I am the second sibling in my family. At the point when I was 7 years of age, my younger sister (Hunza) past away in a road accident, which was extremely pulverizing for my whole family. She sincerely was my closest friend, as sisters we generally did everything together. She loved my hair so much; she would consistently brush and style it. Her abrupt demise disregarded me all, I felt forlorn and hopeless. This pressure caused me a ton of hair harm and balding. I needed my hair to be long and sound however it was preposterous. My mum and father moved my younger sister’s adoration to me and did all that they could to put a grin all over. My mum began stressing over my hair as my hair was exceptionally dry and thin. She attempted numerous oils, many home made equations yet the result was not acceptable. After numerous long stretches of her endeavours and exploration, she at last figured something stunning. I began utilizing this ‘Miracle oil’. I began seeing the change and improvement in my Hair. My hair began getting thick, long, luxurious, and shiny. Every one of my loved ones began seeing and praising my hair. At the point when I began making Tiktoks, I used to get numerous inquiries regarding what I use on my hair yet I didn’t generally know much as it was my mum who made everything.

beauty by humna
beauty by humna

On a Sunday morning, we as a whole family went for shopping. In transit back, we were discussing my late younger sister. We as a whole got tragic and down gladdened. To break the pity and change the subject, out of nowhere I said “I want to start my own Business”. Everybody begin giggling and asked me “what business are you going to begin” on the grounds that as a teenager, they wouldn’t expect me to state ”starting own Business”. They asked me what business I will begin however I had no answer. They began chuckling and didn’t generally take me genuine. After we returned home, my dad called me in his room and supported me. He said “make your vision large however start from little”. He prompted me to uncover my mystery hair development recipe so others could get the advantage as well. I accepted my Father’s recommendation by uncovering my Hair development mystery and Launching my first product ” Oils by Humna”. I am thankful to every one of you who have encouraged and supported me so much. In the wake of getting numerous requests to launch my own website from the individuals who struggled to place an order as they didn’t have Instagram. I chose to make it simpler for every one of my customers and take this Journey further by launching my own website. Notwithstanding, this is just the start. I would be launching many advancement products to fulfil and please the entirety of my customers.

I am appreciative to my family and every one of you for empowering me and indicating me so much help. Without every one of you, this dream would have been unthinkable.